An 80-page illustrated book based on four authentic stories about surviving a personal crisis. The stories focuses on hope, personal strenght and the incredible will to get up again after you've fallen down. Each story has it's own personal layout, style and drawing technique representing the physical and psycological journeys of each individual person.

According to science, a personal crisis is something we all experience at least once in life. No matter the form, it's commonly described as an excruciating and lifechanging experience. Still, it's a fragile subject and it can be extremly difficult to talk about. I wanted to create a book that draws attention to this subject and share some of the life lessons and difficult steps and journeys of four very brave people.

Date: January 2016
Master project

Ea, Morten, Jesper and Kristina - thank you for sharing your stories! Without your honesty and bravery this book would never have been possible.
© The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts